Timing Belt Kits

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Timing Belt

Timing belts (Cam belts) & Timing Chains control the engine valve cycle sequence to ensure correct fuel combustion timing and compression.

Interference engine design allows pistons and valves to interfere or make contact if the timing sequence is not set correctly or if the timing belt snaps resulting in piston and valve damage requiring an engine rebuild with new pistons and valves.Timing belts and chains should be replaced at the correct service intervals; especially on interference engines (most engines) as belt wear causing incorrect timing may result in a very expensive repair bill.

Timing belt replacement involves synchronizing valve and piston positions and setting the adjustable tensioning roller to ensure the belt is not over tightened putting additional strain on the camshaft bearings and crankshaft bearings correct adjustment of belt tension.

The lubricants, hydraulic fluids and anti-freeze chemicals used within the engine bay can degrade the rubber polymer compounds used in timing belt manufacture. As a consequence the belt life can be greatly reduced, especially if exposed to increased operating temperatures.

Car Timing Belt Kits

The replacement parts needed for a timing belt service are usually supplied in “Kit” form to ensure Quality Timing Belt Replacement Kits usually contain:-

  • Belts
  • Idlers
  • Tensioner pulleys
  • Tensioner Springs