Car batteries at Sutton & Cheam

Our quality car batteries from renowned suppliers will ensure that your car will start in all conditions.

How do I look after my car battery?

Modern batteries are maintenance free but they will drain eventually. Your battery life will be reduced if it is charging insufficiently or it is being discharged at too high a rate over a prolonged period of time. Either of these conditions can shorten the life of your battery.

Car hard to start when cold?

Unfortunately, your battery is likely to let you down when you need it most, when you’re in a rush and the temperatures are low. Call in for a free battery test when you’re passing and don’t leave the cold weather to catch you out. No matter if your car battery dead on a cold morning or your car battery charge is losing giving you faulty starts, we can give you a free car battery check and a charge if needed. We have Bosch batteries of all kinds stored inhouse so you wont have to wait for the battery change.

We are a recognised Bosch agent and provide guranteed car battery services for your peace of mind.